About us

Our History

Our boss lady TWEE, studied as an apprentice in the early 2000's to become a hairdresser. She has thrown herself into many different cultured salons in order to learn about the different types of hair and how to better style and manage them.

From cheap walk-in salons in Chinatown to the best Boutique salons in Adelaide, Twee has the understanding of diverse hair types. She will and has been teaching the future hairdressers these findings, with much more to learn in the future.

Beginning her very first salon in a very unexpected decision in 2016, Twee opened up Harlow Hair & Body Studio. Hard work, sweat, tears and dedication to this business to the stage where the business had outgrown the premises. She is now venturing in a newer, bigger and better salon at Salon Captivate.

She has also formulated her very own hair care brand, which is vegan, organic and made in Australia - Captivate & Co.

Believing in the optimum working environment as well as the best salon culture, honesty and work ethics by all staff members, we welcome all into our salon and experience a fresh approach to hair and beauty.


Our Vision

Here at Captivate & Co, we believe that all types of hair deserve different needs and we believe in educating our clients knowledge so we can achieve better hair. Therefore providing the best service and after salon home care to better suit the needs of our clients.

​As a team, we believe in using Australian Made & owned products to help keep jobs in Australia for our children. 

Also protecting our animals from torture by using all cruelty free and Vegan products in our salon at Salon Captivate.

We believe in good hair days, EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK, guilt free.