Matte Molding Clay 100ml - Captivate & Co.

Matte Molding Clay 100ml - Captivate & Co.

Captivate & Co - Australian made hair care
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Matte clay for a dry/natural look whilst adding texture to all types of hair without looking greasy. Matte Molding clay will keep your hair in place whilst allowing the flexibility to maneuver different styles throughout the day. Perfect even in hot and humid conditions. The smell is fresh, and the product is long lasting.

Product Usage:

Start on 100% dried hair. Simply apply to palms of your hand (not fingertips) working product between hands and then apply to hair throughout hair. Then use your fingertips to piece out or move hair into desired style and/or direction.

Captivate & Co’s Matte molding clay contains:

  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Lemon seed extract
  • This product also contains beeswax.